Nine to Five (1980) IMDB 6.40(13 070) Full Movie Download

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original title: Nine to Five
rating: 6.40(13 070)
The U.S.
Director: Colin Higgins. starring: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly parton, Debni Coleman, sterling Hayden, …
running time: , 110 min.
release date: 1980


Three angered the Secretary – Judy, Dora”i and violet – decide to remove (at least temporarily) his tedious boss, instsenirovav his death, but actually having concluded under house arrest. Taking advantage of the moment, they suggest the work of an entirely different order, which is most convenient for each of the employees.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 100% (1) Electro-synth man – 16.09.2012 Director, nasty our Director. Amazing and interesting movie, funny, and a great Comedy, a talented Director and an amazing actor’s return – this is what immediately comes to mind after watching Comedy strip ‘From nine to five’ is quite interesting and then tridtsatidevyatiletnego Colin Higgins, the Creator of the published two years earlier a good black Comedy with elements of a Thriller ‘foul play’, which set off from the original… read more\’
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